Do you want to make your own episode?

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If you enjoy reading you’ll enjoy writing your own! Invent your own on comments!

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one day rose went up to scorpious and albus and said “hi i am sorry al…bus for turning on you because of your house and friends ;scorpious can you come please i want to talk to you in a private place ”
Scorpious and rose did not come back until dinner when they snogged and then went to their respected tables “you are snogging rose now; she is my cousin”al whispered; scorpious responded “you have not talked to rose in 4 years; and now she is gonna talk to you beacause i am your best friend and her boyfriend “Al gave him a hate you alot lot and said
“it is roses fault i am in slytherin” Scorpious did not know what to say but he did find words eventually”are you not happy in a good mood”
Al blancked him and left. Rose came and sat next to him she sighed and understood that had not gone well ;they snogged and went to the library together.

Meanwhile Al had found lily and hugo in the courtyard he went up to them and gloomily told them the occured. hugo and lily jumpped up and down “Cool”they said. Al blancked them.

He left he pondered down to the lake and sat down he saw an owl going straight at him it was dads owl he saw a letter it said

To Albus


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